Module 5

These course courses are prerequisites to receiving a Bachelor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling.

BBC154M5C1 Spirit Soul Body Complex (3 credit hours)
The student is introduced to perhaps the most important information in one's lifetime --- the "spirit-soul-body-flesh" complex. With a clear understanding of this concept --- beginning with Genesis --- much of what we think is true in the Bible is really NOT true at all. Each of these words, - spirit, soul, body and flesh, will be discussed from the original languages of Hebrew (OT) and Greek (NT) in order to receive a full revelation.....

BI220M5C2 To The Corinthians (3 credit hours) - Buy the book here.
An analysis and exposition of each book stressing the historical background and doctrinal matters, with special emphasis on the Holy Spirit, as treated by Paul in I and II Corinthians. This course presents an introduction to the theory and strategies of conflict resolution, with special emphasis on conflict in interpersonal relationships. The study will help learners to understand the nature of human and interpersonal conflicts, and models and constructive ways to deal with conflict in various situations. Consideration is given to biblical models of conflict resolution.

RS217M5C3 Christianity and the World (3 credit hours) - Buy the book here.
The personhood of the Holy Spirit It is important to establish the fact that the Holy Spirit is a person. He is often forgotten in the discussion of the Father and the Son, and yet plays a role within the Trinity and salvation that is fundamental to the Christian life. The Holy Spirit is a person who can be grieved (Eph 4:30), bear witness (1 John 5:7), and teach (John 14:26) among many other things. The deity of the Holy Spirit It thus remains important to understand how the Holy Spirit is divine and the biblical evidence for this conclusion. The roles of the Holy Spirit are evident in both the Old and New Testaments. Most evident is his work in the life and ministry of Jesus. Today he is seen clearly in the work of salvation and sanctification of each believer. Roles of the Holy Spirit Titles of the Holy Spirit There are different names, or titles, used to describe the Holy Spirit in the Bible.

RS249M5C4 Spiritual Warfare and Counseling (3 credit hours) - Buy the book here.
A thorough study of the role and function of angels and demons in relation to the church of Jesus Christ and believers, is detailed in this course. This course introduces students to the nature of God, the nature of Satan, the works of angels, the works and nature of demons. This course examines the nature of the spirit world and its place in Gods overall plan. Students also learn about the place of spiritual warfare in counseling a variety of clients. This course introduces students to the wide field of counseling with a biblical basis for counseling, integration of psychology and theology, counseling needs, methods and theories The course explores biblical teachings concerning the nature of human beings, their brokenness, unhealthy coping skills, dysfunctional and unhealthy patterns of living and the usefulness of counseling in helping individuals move onward more self-awareness, productive and healthy relationships and living.